Intensive English Program Centre


The Pines school offers the Intensive English Language Program to newly arrived R-7 primary aged school students with an approved permanent or temporary visa subclass.

The main aim of the program is to develop students’ English language across all curriculum areas to prepare them for success in mainstream schooling and to develop their confidence to live in the Australian community. To achieve these outcomes, students are taught English language by highly skilled EAL/D trained teachers in small classes.  Students usually stay in the program for 12-18 months and then transition to their local mainstream school.

 Students can be enrolled in the program within 12 months of their arrival and this period is extended to 18 months for students entering reception or year 1.

More information about The Pines IELPC can be obtained in different languages by clicking on the following links.


IELC - Parent Information - English2.0 MB

IELC - Parent Information - Arabic4.4 MB

IELC - Parent Information - Spanish6.0 MB

IELC - Parent Information - Dari4.0 MB

IELC - Parent Information - Hindi4.3 MB

IELC - Parent Information - Urdu4.6 MB

IELC - Parent Information - Nepali4.9 MB

IELC - Parent Information - Pashto4.4 MB

IELC - Parent Information - Punjabi4.4 MB

IELC - Parent Information - Chinese11.5 MB

IELC - Parent Information - Swahili4.5 MB

IELC - Parent Information - Vietnamese4.7 MB


Alternatively, the IELC leader at The Pines can be contacted for further details.

The Pines School also has accreditation from International Education Services (IES) to provide education to international students. International students intending to enrol will need to apply through International Education Services.