The Pines SchoolThe Pines School

Welcome to The Pines School

The Pines School is a South Australian Government school situated in the Northern suburbs of Adelaide. Our values are belonging, respect and fun.

The Pines School operates as a cooperative campus: Pre School -Year 7 with an R-7 New Arrivals program (IELC). A Community Childcare Centre shares our site. We are enriched by our diverse cultural student population.

We have a strong commitment to the development of an inclusive learning environment, where members of the community engage in making decisions and developing strong relationships.

The Pines School is an innovative site with a focus on developing healthy lifestyles and increased physical activity for all students.

  • Playground
  • Art work
  • Children working with building blocks
  • Children working with building blocks
  • Music in the Arts with Ms Hancock
  • Room 2 Secret garden
  • Children working with building blocks
  • Teacher and two students with a basketball
  • Children working with building blocks
  • Girl writing
  • Boy drawing on the floor
  • Library
  • Library
  • Boys on the playground
  • Students on the computers